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Lagerhaus - Lagerhaus is a homeware chain that offers its customers practical and inexpensive items with a unique design to easily refresh the look of their home. Since they first started back in 1996 the majority of the range has consisted of in-house designs and products.


Goal : rebranding the companys wordmark into a friendlier looking more target group oriented style. 

Target group: young women who appreciate practical but quirky design for affordable price. 


Considerations : incorporate Nordic element into the design. Blue color in the pallette.


Solution: A more friendlier looking design with simplified elements of Nordic folk and an addition of pale pink tone. The font is a lot more softer edged and uses the double A as an opportunity to draw even more attention. First A has a reference to the home deco element and secont A represents the Nordic style element. Pale pink contrasts and elevates the blue type.

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