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Party Down rebranding

Party Down Catering is a Los Angeles-based catering company serving

Southern California’s wealthy population. They cater all types of events

with an unpretentious attitude and a sense of humor.


Los Angeles-based upper class men and women with a sense of humor, who love to entertain,

but would prefer not to put in the time and effort that’s required to hosting a successful event.


• The company employs aspiring actors and entertainers, who will be as engaging as they

are professional.

• The team is open to all event types, from parties at private homes to corporate retreats to

high school reunions.


• The pink bow tie is a signature part of the Party Down uniform and should be incorporated

in some way.

• Color palette that incorporates black and white

• Entertaining

• Classy

• Friendly

• Unpretentious

• Lighthearted



A brand identity, which includes:

Black and white logo, colorized logo, black and white badge, colorized badge, wide logo, monogram, typographic system, color pallette, pattern

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